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Family drama is on tap for Theatre in the Park’s presentation of the 2015 Off-Broadway play Of Good Stock, written by Melissa Ross and directed by Lynda Clark. The story swirls around three sisters — Jess, Celia, and Amy Stockton — who have come to their family home to celebrate Jess’ birthday, years after their parents have passed away. As the girls arrive, we quickly see that hurt feelings and old resentments simmer just below the surface and affect their relationships.

Masterful performances by talented actors can save a play that wants so desperately to rise above Hallmark movie tropes.

I have been doing this for a very long time; seeing a work this complex, and so carefully staged and recreated, is a treat that makes me glad I had the chance to experience it. Theatre in the Park's presentation of Melissa Ross' Of Good Stock is powerful, dynamic, and intimate. It will not only make you glad to have come, it will make you glad to be alive.

There is some joyful noise coming from Pullen Park this month. That’s because the Theatre in the Park production of Godspell, which opened last weekend, is in a word, heavenly.

The show still brims with the exuberance and strong belief that the world can and will be changed by the younger generation.

Watching Theatre in the Park founder and artistic and executive director Ira David Wood III and TIP assistant artistic director Ira David Wood IV play the lead roles in David Mamet’s A Life in the Theatre is a little like listening to that James Taylor song “Traffic Jam” about seeing yourself magnified over and over again in the rearview mirror. Both Woods (father and son) have spent their lives in the theater, only to come to Mamet’s play about two actors (the veteran, Robert, played by David Wood, and the early-career actor, John, played by Ira Wood) who live their lives, personal and public, on stage...

A Life in the Theatre starring the father-son duo, Ira David Wood III and Ira David Wood IV, is a darkly humorous behind-the-scenes tour of life as a stage actor. Written by dialogue master David Mamet, this play serves as the perfect vehicle to highlight the engaging chemistry between two accomplished actors...

As the title implies, David Mamet’s A Life in the Theatre, onstage now at Theatre in the Park under the direction of Ira David Wood III, is as much about theatre as it is about life. After all, as the show posits, aren’t the two inextricably connected?...

David Mamet has become known for his way with words. A term describing his particular use of language is one used by Ira David Wood III, executive director of Theatre in the Park; he calls it “Mamet-speak.” Wood directs, and stars in, a 1977 play by Mamet titled A Life in the Theatre, which opened this weekend at Theatre in the Park...

Self-reflecting works of art are always a tricky business, since by nature they appeal mostly to their obvious fan base. However, when it’s done well, theater art especially reflects life in a way that has universal relevance. And in the capable hands of father-and-son team David and Ira Wood, Theatre in the Park’s production of David Mamet’s A Life in the Theatre is done very well indeed.

This sidesplitting, laugh-out-loud show is a great way for frazzled grownups, especially those ready to throttle their Elf on the Shelf, to escape the frenzy of holiday shopping, wrapping, baking, and prepping. But leave the littles at home because this production is just for the nonbelievers.

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