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Theatre In The Park is dedicated to casting the best actors for each role regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, body type, or age. Theatre In The Park strives to be inclusive and accommodating to people of all abilities, please let us know if we can make something more accessible. TIP will respect everyone's preferred pronouns. ​​

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The Old Man and the Old Moon, the musical

(Large cast version, Triangle Premiere)


“… DIY wonder that's so infectious you almost want to leap onstage to join in the fun. That desire to be part of the action is particularly acute…since the audience is mostly made up of families, and children are naturals in the imagination department. But don't make the mistake of dismissing The Old Man and the Old Moon as a kids' show. It's a transcendent theatrical experience for all ages that proves you don't need to look for magic in the moon: It's already right in front of you.”(Time Out- New York)



Thanks to all of the wonderful actors, singers, and puppeteers who auditioned! First rehearsal is Monday December 9 at 7:00 at the Jaycee Community Center.


Cast List

Matheson (sings “I Crash” and “Bremen”) 

Ty Myatt


Old Man 

Rod Rich


Old Woman/Young Woman/Opening Narration/Rebel 3/ (sings “Just Like The Sea”)

Natalie Turgeon


Young Man (sings “Just Like the Sea”)

Dylan Bailey



Rhonda Lemon


Mabelu (sings solo portion of “The Rain Will Fall”)

Ted Willis


Callahan (sings solo portion of “Sail for Love”)
Brett Yates



Marilyn Gormon



Scott Nagel


Perry/ Fine Lady

Tim Cherry


Ben, the Clerk, Bartley, the Butcher, and the Bartender

Tony Hefner


Ghost singers (sing “Prison Fish Interludes”)

Brett Williams, Ted Willis, Brett Yates


Boatswain 1

Alyssa Petrone


Boatswain 2

Brett Williams


Town Musician /Sound Effects/ Ghost singer percussion (sings “Song from the Stone” )

Emma Caterinicchio


Rebel 1/Puppeteer 1/Lucy the Dog

Charleigh Smith


Rebel 2/Puppeteer 2/Mickey the Boy

Kirsten Ehlert


Fishmonger/Puppeteer 3/The Maker

Candace Hescock


The Production Team

Director/choreographer: Nancy Rich

Music Director: Katherine Anderson

Stage Manager: Christine Rapp

Production design: Nathanial Conti and Abigail Kuchar