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Season 2022

Florian Zeller's The Father

Artwork by K. Mac Design, LLC

The Father

By Florian Zeller, Translation by Christopher Hampton

Directed by Ira David Wood IV

August 19 (accessible performance) - 20 at 7:30 PM
August 20, 21 at 3:00 PM

Nominated for Best Play at the Olivier and Tony Awards, this darkly humorous and deeply poignant play presents a sobering and emotionally intense look at the world through the eyes of a man experiencing dementia; a dramatic illustration of the physical losses which occur along with the mental ones. This production will star real-life father and daughter Ira David Wood III and Evan Rachel Wood. Not to be missed!

The Cast

ANDRE- Ira David Wood III

ANNE- Evan Rachel Wood

LAURA- Megan Montgomery

PIERRE- Chris Hinton

MAN- Gus Allen

WOMAN- Melanie Simmons

ANNE (u/s, Standby)- Andrea Twiss