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Cast List For Into The Woods

Tony Markoch     Narrator (u/s Mysterious Man)

Ryan Madanick   Mysterious Man (u/s Narrator)

Nicole Barrone    Cinderella

Nicky Taylor        Jack

Cathlyn Melvin    Jack’s Mother

Jamie Gorski       Baker

Lauren  Bamford  Baker’s Wife

Clare Sherk         Little Red

Kayla Fainer        Witch

Krystin Bailey      Rapunzel

Rhonda Lemon    Step Mother

Seanna Osborne  Florinda (u/s Rapunzel)

Arlie Honeycutt-Kidd  Lucinda (u/s Baker’s Wife) 

Jay Davenport  Rapunzel’s Prince 

Nathan Hamilton Cinderella’s Prince (u/s Wolf)

Leslie Enloe Wolf (u/s Cinderella’s Prince)

Jason Cooper Steward (u/s Jack)

Gilly Conklin Granny/Giantess’Voice

Ben Muller Cinderella’s Father (u/s Baker)

DrakeDavis Milky White/Snow White (u/s Rapunzel’s Prince/Granny)

Marie AnnDel Valle Coppin  Cinderella’s Mother/Puppeteer/Sleeping Beauty (u/s Little Red, Milky)

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